Rasta Halal (Bob Marley Day 2019)

After the longest break, I’m here to share my 2019 Bob Marley day look hehe.

This look wasn’t easy to pull off cuz…. Ramadan?

You know when Bob Marley day falls on Ramadan and you have to keep it ‘rasta halal’? Yeah! That’s what I did lol. Ramadan+Rasta+Africa+Summer collab haha.

Since my outfit options were limited, I mixed and blended what I had… like use my camo piece as belt? Added my denim jacket to give it that modest flavour and a pinch of summery yellow hoops earrings.

This look is quite international or let’s call it African… Scarf and beaded bag (Dakar) Slippers (Ghana) Cowry shell bracelet (Gambia) Woven plastic bracelets (Mozambique)… and the rest? Well,….. (West)

I know most of ya’ll were expecting that ‘obvious’ green-yellow-red look but hey, Swyt style is unpredictable.

P.S. I’ll defo be active on here from now on in sha Allah… Brb


My Fave ‘Patch’ So Far 😍

Welcome back to my Swyt world. I know it’s been a minute since I last updated my blog, let’s say I took an eight months break hehe. But I’m back to share my Eid outfit story with y’all cuz I can’t keep it to myself ☺. I know most of y’all know how much I love patching my own outfits cuz you’ve probably seen my past work but this outfit is with a difference.

Normally when I patch, I get help from a tailor and I do the final touches. But this time around I made my outfit all by myself with no practical help! From nothing to red carpet level 😁 It was a dream come true for me 🙌🏾

I started by making a mini pattern of the outfit when the idea came to mind since I suck at sketching lol.

With the help of the mini pattern, I made a bigger pattern by measuring myself, consulting YouTube and my friend Awa. With dedication, I was able to make a pattern after messing up several times lol.

I bought my materials on EBay. It was a different experience for me since it was the first time I shopped online for fabric without feeling it and stuff. It was a risky move but it paid off. However, I wish I could’ve gone to Serekunda market (The Gambia) for the experience.

Then came the hard part uhhuh, trying to get the darts right for the perfect fit. I owe it to Awa for giving me a kick and guiding me. My darts aren’t perfect but oh well, that’s the beauty of patching.

The sewing part was the most exciting for me cuz it was the first time I made a whole outfit with a sewing machine since I’m use to sewing by hand. And yeah I finally invested in a sewing machine to learn and have fun 😂. The sewing was overwhelming though cuz I was relying on YouTube and the sewing machine manual for guidance.

The hardest part of sewing the outfit was adding the zipper, oh boy! I ended up sewing it by hand cuz I couldn’t do it with the sewing machine after several attempts. But thanks to my hands I did It!!!!

Patching the cape was my fave part. Working on it made me feel like a professional Patcher 😂. I sewed the crystals one by one with loads of love. I know gluing would’ve been easier and faster but hey I got all the time.

When I patch for Eid, I make sure the outfit is ‘appropriate’ for the masjid. So for that reason, I added the cape and veil during prayers.

Then….. I went all Swyt mermaid post-masjid lol. The coolest thing about the outfit is that I can wear the cape with different outfits which is a plus!

I know some people don’t like it when I call my work ‘patch’ because they think its perfect. However, I prefer using the word ‘patch’ cuz patch is never perfect… And I know I can do better.

P.S. I can’t take all the credit, I’ll like to say a big Thank you to my friend and ‘sewing teacher’ Awa Ceesay for the kick, YouTube ofcourse, my sister for the motivation and my badass stylist Minah Manneh, she had to approve of my turban style and even chose the earrings I wore lol. It was a team work thing and I appreciate the love 🙌🏾.

I hope you all had a wonderful Eid celebration ♥️ Until I come your way again, take care and bye for now xx

Swyt Is A Graduate

IMG_8958It took me some time to pen down my feelings since graduation. It was not an easy journey but I thank Allah, my family, my university and all the wonderful people who supported me during the course of my studies.

I’m not gonna bore you guys with a long speech because this isn’t an award ceremony loool. But hey, I got to celebrate my achievement hehe.

The best part of my graduation was seeing my parents celebrate me. They were super proud of me and they called everybody to inform them about my graduation because it was the first in the family… Yeah! I’m the first degree holder in the family. Am talking about generations!

IMG_8994Okay, enough of the ‘self you know what’ haha. I’ll like to thank my day one bestie for the gorgeous outfit and traditional earrings, the goal was to look African, pulaar and traditional on my graduation and I think I nailed it. No? I received so many gifts which I really appreciate especially my graduation hat ❤


All the cakes were homemade by mum 

Oh and my family threw me a party!!! It was amazing. Everything was perfect and I feel like graduating again and again…… and again hehe.

IMG_9072I’m already missing student life but hey, I got to go job hunting with my BBA! Real-world calling but I’m not ready to pick lol. Anyways I hope you are all having a wonderful holiday season >>> Until I feel like blogging again, tata xx

Photographer: Siaka Dibba


My Patched Suomi100 Shirt

IMG_8845Oh boy! It’s been a minute since I clicked on here. I have been super busy with school trying to finalize my thesis in order to be a 2017 graduate hehe. But hey, we all make time for what is important to us.

Last week Finland (my second home) celebrated 100 years of independence. And I had to do something special in honor of #Suomi100.

So I decided to patch a shirt with the help of my old denim pants, my needle and of course my thread lol.


I wanted to have a snow photo shoot for the look but unfortunately things didn’t go as planned cuz nature is unpredictable. However my lil sister was able to capture some smooth shots *I guess*


It’s not perfect cuz ‘patch’ is never perfect and that’s the beauty of it. Tutorial video is on my Instagram and Facebook pages.IMG_8866


I’ll be back for more Swyt madness but for now I need to prepare for graduation xx

My Fabulous Eid

IMG_7845Hi y’all. Yes I’m back to share my Eid outfit with y’all. I know some of you were expecting a ‘patch’ from me so I hope I didn’t disappoint.

This Eid, I decided to go for a mermaid cape gown with a handful of trimmings. Mermaid cape? Yes, it’s a mermaid cape’ year for me since last Eid was a similar story. But hey, the ideas are quite different (see blog for last Eid look).

When I got a gift of wax fabric all the way from the Gambia (Thanx Isatou Jammeh), I was super excited knowing I was going to have fun making something great out of it. Luckily, I had a black mermaid dress that I had designed and got it tailored in Dakar. But since I don’t do ‘simple’ I had to mix/blend the two to get what I wanted.

At first I wanted to try a mermaid peplum gown but after cutting the wax material, the cape style was a winner.

21392626_10209473667347736_701391785_oAnd like I always do, I hand sewed the cape on the black dress and added the trimmings to it. Thanks to my hands, needles and thread lol. Btw how did I do?

IMG_8113Before I go, I would like to thank my team, yes I have a team lol. I go to them for advice whenever I come up with my crazy ideas and they are always helpful. It wouldn’t have been possible without their positive criticism lol. I salute and appreciate them even though I can be stubborn sometimes lol.

IMG_8040P.S. I documented some parts of the patching process. Y’all can check my Facebook and Instagram pages for the video 😉 I hope you all had a blessed Eid…. I had an amazing time. Praying for peace and prosperity in the coming years. Until I come your way again, I’m out!

Let It Flow!


It’s been a minute since I tapped on this page. I have been super busy with this thing called ‘life’ hehe. But I’m back to show off my custom-made African gown.

This gown was specially made for my bestie’s naming ceremony and traditional wedding in the Gambia ❤

But this time around, I remixed the look with a Swyt twist >>> You know me!
So I added a different turban and a bigger belt to flaunt that waist hehe 😉 Let’s call it One outfit + Different accessories = Different occasions 😉

Okay, enough of the ‘stylish tips’ lol. Don’t you just love the way the dress flows? Well I do!

And my little princessy sister completed my look with her cute dress designed by me ❤


Let me go back to my Swyt stuff walie lol. Bye for now and have a great week ❤

❤ ❤ ❤

A Swyt Royal Eid


Okay let’s share some post Eid photos lol. Another ‘Patched by Swyt’ gown with a difference. So I came up with a 3 in 1 outfit inspired by Eddie Murphy in coming to America movie lol. The cape, hat and ruffle belt was 100% Swyt DIY, thanx to my needle, thread and my hands of course lol. Okay enough of the history, let’s see some poses hehe.


My favorite look was the cape dress. I just love everything about this look ❤ ❤ ❤


The second look was the dress with a ruffle belt. I found it too revealing but oh well it was some people’s favorite lol.


Next is the look that had the highest vote on my social media. The cape dress with the ruffle belt. Even though, I found it kinda too much, it was loved by many.

But how can I forget my ponytail turban and hat lol. The two complemented my look and I felt like Royalty 😛

Did y’all see my poses? I feel like a professional model. Getting better with time haha.


Enough of the stories. I hope y’all had an awesome Eid, and if you wanna make the gown a 4 in 1, just get rid of the cape and ruffle belt 😉